How I Wrote My Dissertation? A Guide by Expert Writer

How I Wrote My Dissertation
You always had the impression that your academic journey was challenging. You were ready to invest the effort and energy that the challenges required. But you never assumed how hard it would get until you faced the ultimate step: the structure and content of dissertation chapters. In general, you understand the structure of a dissertation. Universities made an effort to create uniform requirements, which make all projects of this type easy to read and compare. You don’t need to worry. There’s always a solution. You can hire expert dissertation writers if you can’t make it work. But first, you’ll try to make it work. Here are some of the tips from professional writers of top dissertation writing services, who have already written dozens of PhD papers. You can trust professional writers!

The Dissertation Structure:
Developing a dissertation chapters outline is the first step of the process.

Dissertation Abstract:
The abstract is the opening of your dissertation paper. It’s the chapter that the readers can first pay attention to. but don’t misunderstand it as an introduction. It’s different. It’s supposed to summarize the entire research process, findings, and discussion. You’ll write it after you complete the other chapters. It compresses a complete dissertation into an easy-to-read paragraph of up to one hundred fifty words. That’s exactly what makes it so challenging. Several candidates manage to write down the main chapters but need dissertation help online for the abstract. You can check our dedicated dissertation abstract page to get more information about writing this part of the dissertation.

Dissertation Chapter one – Introduction:
The introduction must specify the focal issue of your paper. It should explain why you chose this problem and how you plan to solve it through the research. Most important of all, it must clarify how your efforts are relevant to the academic and research community. Many PhD students have trouble at this very first step. They think they don’t know how to write down a dissertation just because they are stuck with the intro. But when they get professional assistance with this first step, it’s easier for them to carry on.

Dissertation Chapter Two - Literature Review:
Students often underestimate the literature review of their dissertation. It’s the chapter that they write first, and rush through it, thinking they should carry on with the “more important” parts of the paper. The literature review isn't a simple list of resources. That’s called a bibliography, and it’s a separate section that comes at the end of the paper. In the literature review, you should provide a brief description of around 100 words for each source. You should explain how it’s relevant to your research. If you hired dissertation proposal writing services or you wrote a decent proposal, chances are you already have this chapter and you only need to make some adjustments. But if it wasn’t perfect, you might need to order the dissertation literature review from a professional writer.

Dissertation Chapter three - Methodology:
This is the section that gets students puzzled the most. They don’t know how to write down a dissertation chapter that’s not based on research and creativity. This one should describe the specific steps of the process. You will explain what methods you will use and how they will assist you to achieve the goal. The dry, scientific style is often a problem. The methodology sticks to accurate descriptions, but it should still be interesting to read. If this is the chapter that got you puzzled, writers can assist you to complete a dissertation methodology.

Dissertation Chapter Four - Results:
There’s no doubt about it: The Results are the most important part of the dissertation structure. All your research and experiment got you somewhere. You followed specific steps, which you described throughout the previous chapters. Now, you need to explain what you found. This chapter includes charts, tables, statistics, and factual information. It’s often the hardest part of the dissertation to read. That’s why you need to make it “lighter,” no matter how complex the details are. Since we offer assistance with writing dissertation chapters, PhD candidates often need only the Results from the writer. They have done the research and they have the findings. They just don’t know how to present them in the most readable way. The writer can assign a professional writer to assist you to complete the dissertation results chapter.

Dissertation Chapter Five - Discussion:
If the writer had to choose the most important one of all the chapters of the dissertation, this would be it. The Results chapter gives facts and data. But what do they mean in the context of the problem that you imposed in the introduction? How will this data assist you to solve that problem? It’s no wonder why the Discussion is one of the most challenging PhD dissertation chapters for the candidates to write down. If you can’t handle it, you can order an individual dissertation discussion chapter from our professional writers.

Conclusion and Reference List:
Now that you have all those thesis chapters ready, you’re left with the final one: the conclusion. It should sum up everything you’ve written. It'll restate the thesis, mention the methodology, briefly go through the results, and explain how they help you solve a problem. No, you’re not supposed to write the same things that you’ll write in the abstract. Those are 2 separate dissertation sections. In the Conclusion, you should just bring the entire discussion to a logical ending, and recommend further research.

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